In this page you will learn how to do machinimas in trove

Before starting you may like to:

Have a club,some experience in the game and materials for build the scenes AND PATIENCE you can checkout my Yt channel called Mistergames where i will upload some tutorial videos!

Let's start

Step 1.
Get some materials for the scenarios,also you better start building them,you can check one tutorial here. Actually you would like to write one script for your machinima because you wont like to make stoopid videos right? Actually who would like to do that?? Who knows!
Remember make some scenarios and scripts for your machinimas

2.Make costumes. With the actual styles and mods you can make a lot of costumes,you can check the steam workshop or make the yours with the availabe styles and costumes
3.Get actors! Everything can be done if you work on it even if you fail you didnt give up. -One random sentence Come back to the start